Tricia Rumbolz
Tricia Rumbolz exhibit 2007

I opened Caro d’Offay Gallery in 2005. It began as a space to explore the wave/particle duality of light with the public in the form of collaborative events and classes. The refusal that the subatomic world (light particles for instance) has to abide by the rules we attempt to box it in (examples: How light reorients itself when it passes through a lens or pinhole, or how it separates itself when passing through a prism or water) might teach us about the limitations of our own brains. Our brains after all, are constructed of subatomic particles.

Artists and visitors to the gallery collaborated to explore Lumetype (a photographic method of printing physical objects with light) and Textaport (a method of object and image-making that gives the participant the experience of disorientation and “fresh eyes” to think through) and their own concepts and methods to reveal a larger structure together that became Caro d’Offay Gallery. While the gallery grew into something much bigger and more important that I could design or think up, it was not a business venture and couldn’t be sustained. What I didn’t close down was the soul of the space that was the collaborative spirit of everyone involved. I continue to curate creative experiences with collaborators, Laura Gilmore, Marj Wormald and Teri Boyd in a non-commercial venue that is my home in Chicago. And just as the most challenging and interesting visitors to my gallery were generally the ones who stumbled upon it by chance, we continue to let fate lead the way to allow passersby to happen upon the magic of creativity as they stumble upon it themselves. – Caro

You can see some of the documentation (still under construction) of Caro d’Offay Gallery here.