Giant Letter Transcriptions

In chronological order from 2012-2016:

Dear Bobby
I’m sorry that your friend is going through such a hard time. Yes he is on my on my naughty list but i never give up on anyone. I want to share a secret with you. The only reason someone gets moved from my nice to naughty list is because they stop believe they are good. When this happens they stop caring and the naughty seeps in. He’ll be ok, just be his friend and help him remember he’s good. Thank you for your Christmas spirit Bobby, and for keeping an open heart. I know its hard work. There will be a special present under the tree for you this year.
P.S. Thanks for the cookies, but don’t eat this one. Rudolf licked it.

Dear Santa,
It’s me, Bobby. I’m sad today because my friend, Will, is really sick and doesn’t have a house or food. But you know what he says is worst is that nobody ever looks into his eyes. He said he wishes he had more friends like me and mom because his heart feels warm and he has a dignity. Santa, what when someone is sad, and they ask for help, why do people pretend they’re not there? You taught me to stay my heart open but more I see people with busted hearts just hurting other people. For Christmas Santa, all I want is for friends like Will, that grown ups look into his eyes so that they can see his good heart. Please help me with this wish. I don’t ‘ care about the other stuff,

Dear Bobby,
When a person enters this world, and when he leaves it, the only thing he carries with him is his soul. The next time you see someone being unkind to William, remember that how people treat others is how they feel about themselves. If someone doesn’t feel connected to his soul, how can he be expected to care for others? We can’t change people, Bobby, but when we live with an open heart we make room for others to care. When we connect with our souls we can connect with the best part of ourselves and others.
Love, Santa

Dear Santa,
Thanks for the Captain compassion book. Mom and i read it every night. The best is how he turns mad feeling into super powers out of his chest to help other people, even the bad guys. Captain says when he’s angry its really he’s sad. When i think about dad I get sad but i don’t want to forget him. I think I understand what Captain means to hold somebody in your heart. Its not like holding something in your hands. Its like when in saw the butterfly in class and we let him out into the sky. I felt happy watching him fly away even though my friend was gone from the jar. Do you think Captain’s heart lasers are like caterpillars changing into butterflies int his heart. Maybe i can have powers like Captain Compassion and change my feelings into heart lasers and help people feel happy too. I’m gonna try.
Love Bobby
P.s.Mom made you some cookies and a glass of milk. I helped lick the bowl.

2016 includes two Cities and four letters:


MICRO LETTER: Dear Santa, I am good. Im fustrated but safe here on Circlo. I keep practising on how to travel to Circlo because somebody here really needs me. but i lose my powers here because i”m to small. I can feel somebody here needs help but nobody can see or hear me no matter how loud I scream so i don’t know where to find them. Even on Earth i get fustrated becase I cant here the humans and they cant hear me. I scream so loud to get there attension but it feels like my voice doesn’t’ even work. I feel like my powers are useless. but I still feel people needing help and i don’t know what to do. From Bobby


Dear Bobby,

I know this is a confusing time for you. You thought that being a Giant boy on earth would make helping others easier. But what you are learning right now is that your true power isn’t in your physical strength or your height. Your power is in your heart, just like Captain Compassion.

No, you can’t create lasers from your heart to shoot out, but your powers are even bigger.

Think back two years ago when you shared with me, that dream you had about your ants. They were crying for you to help them, but you couldn’t hear what they were saying. THIS was the moment your powers really began. Remember the sensation in your chest when you woke up? You said that your heart felt like it was flowing out like a river and that without even thinking about it, you picked up your ant farm and saw something you hadn’t noticed before, that there was a crack in the glass and your ants’ water had been evaporating. They were dying of thirst. These little actions of care have a much greater impact than you realize.Your powers are that you don’t need to hear words to know people are suffering, just keep listening with your heart and let it lead you to those who need your help.

P.S I know your mom is worried about you since she learned that you’ve been traveling to other worlds, but she is also learning how important your ability to help others is. We all are. Keep it up! Your heart is a power too strong not to use.



Dear Nicholas,

I was getting ready for work today when strange flying creature began circling my head. I realized it was a bird from the planet Bobby’s been talking about and followed it down the hall into his room. Bobby was sleeping with what, at first, I thought was a toy tree in his hand, but as the bird flew into the tree I peered in to see a tiny girl sitting on a real branch! I gasped as she waved up at me and tried to tell me something. Her voice was so small that i couldn’t hear her so I tore a tiny piece of paper off, sharpened a pencil and broke the tip off the lead and passed it through the branches to her. She spent some time writing as I sat in amazement, watching her little hand holding this speck of graphite to write a message. Just as she handed me the paper, Bobby woke up and all but the letter disappeared. When we put the note under Bobby’s microscope to read and Bobby’s eyes glistened with happiness. I finally understood what has been getting to him lately. He just wants to know he’s making a difference.



p.s. I hope you and the Elves are having a productive season! I have included the tiny letter from the little girl.


Bobby, you saved me. You saved my village. I don’t know how you did it, but I just want to thank you on behalf of my village here on Earth. – Amira