Alternative Spacetime


Alternative Spacetime is a creative space (digital and physical) and a creative residency which invites artists to offer creative experiences to the community.

Sometimes the most wonderful moments in life are when we turn a corner and find ourselves facing something unusual or absurd. The way awe stops us in our tracks and brings us into the present moment is powerful. Even better is when we stumble upon something unusual with people we don’t know well. Somehow, this experience of uncertainty can unite us within all of our differences, to see the world though others’ eyes.

Since its landing in Edgewater (Chicago), Alternative Spacetime projects and events have been unfolding on-site and off using scale shifts and uncertainty as themes.

Artists who have provided free events for the community so far have been:

Lonnie Potter 2015 and 2016

Barbara Stone and Annie Stone and Mikey Peterson

Karen McCoy, Laura Gilmore, Lauren Rhodes, Gina Fitzpatrick and Angela James

Claudia Bucher

Matt Bodett & Laura Gilmore

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