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Lonnie Potter just completed his residency at Alternative Spacetime, where many friends and strangers joined him to make collages using his technique. The art space basks in the glow of his wisdom and gut-busting humor. Thanks Lonnie!

Now Laura and I look forward to Barbara Stone’s Visit in May!

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  1. I just want to say that my time at Spacetime was lovely and unique. Being there was like becoming part of a family and the warmth, nurturing and care I felt was extremely nourishing and energizing. I know of no other place like it. Also, making art can often be a solitary experience that can leave you mostly disconnected from whatever effect you might have on viewers. Spacetime helped me find a way to make my work social and connect what I have to offer to old friends and new. Thanks Spacetime! (and I can’t wait to visit again soon!)

    meals & warm feelings
    neighborhood walks & talks
    cats & dog and cozy fire chats
    colors & glue collaged
    old friends & new collaged too