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Ben Brandt & Ben Marcus
Ben Brandt & Ben Marcus


Chicago: July 14th, 2007, Caro d’Offay Gallery hosts an opening reception for Ben Brandt’s solo exhibition of mixed media installations entitled Everything Always Intersecting in Gallery A, and the continued exhibition of graphite drawings on paper by Ben Marcus in Gallery B.

Brandt’s exhibit Everything Always Intersecting explores the complex relationships between both internal and external aspects of mankind and the surrounding environment, through a combination of painting and sculpture.  The work includes both architectural and organic elements that become unified, as the artist has interpreted their relationship from a much larger context.  Through a process of manipulating and rearranging physical matter like paint and wood, Brandt is exploring the changing nature of the object as it develops in relation to himself, as well as to the environment. The work itself becomes a kind of abstract psychological narrative.

In Gallery B, Ben Marcus reveals his graphite drawings that explore the limitations of abstract versus representational techniques. By utilizing the tools that are normally attached to representational narrative work such as composition, subject matter and stunning marksmanship, Marcus draws his viewers in. As one stands before the work, time slows down and the gravity of the work forces the viewer to confront the absolute present. These beautifully constructed scenes of foreign places, animals and strange persons do not attest to past or future; they call attention to the time and place of observation itself.

The gallery invites you to experience these two solo exhibits by Ben Marcus and by Ben Brandt, as they come together in upcoming events taking place within the gallery (TBA).

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